Our project attempts to address the problem of decision making.

The application allows users to understand why they are not able to make the hard decisions in life. It gives users a system to understand their past decisions and help them make better decisions in the future. This application is designed to help users make relationship decisions.

Key Concepts: Applied Behavioral Economics, User Research, Contextual Inquiry, User Stories, and Lo-fi Prototyping
Tools and Langauages: Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Sticky Notes, Glue, Tape

Current Problem

User Research

There is a category of decisions that are:

  • irreversible (or expensive to reverse)
  • emotionally laden
  • socially and emotionally complex
  • we don’t make them often enough in love to get really good at them
  • there’s no hard deadline so it’s easy to procrastinate (or decide not to decide yet)
….So they’re really difficult to make! How can we help people make these decisions by learning from past experiences by getting in touch with meaning and significance of the small relevant decisions they make every day?

Why is this so hard ?
  • Cognitive Ease
  • Hyperbolic Discounting
  • Loss Aversion
  • Anchoring Effect
  • Affect
Why don’t available decision-making apps work?
  1. Assume the user:
    • has decided a decision is needed
    • has pondered all possible choices
  2. Don’t allow for:
    • non-urgent decisions
    • combination of both emotion and reason
    • granularity and context of individual situations
  3. Don’t help the user:
    • understand her own rationale behind priorities
    • utilize past experiences/decision

Solution Overview

  • Note down previous incidents and small decisions.
  • Overview of choices over time gives insight into feelings about the relationship.
  • Combines emotional and rational thinking
  • Notifications actively prompt Dev to make a decision that he may be putting off.
  • Write down what are you waiting for ?